Ep37 | Imposter Syndrome – Roundtable With Dr. Lefforge

PMH 37 | Imposter Syndrome

    Melissa and Siria discuss Imposter Syndrome, what it is, what causes it, and how we are not alone in this feeling of not belonging in certain settings. Joining them for the discussion is Dr. Noelle Lefforge. Dr. Lefforge is an Associate Professor-in-Residence in the faculty of the UNLV Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program and is a licensed clinical psychologist. Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash — Listen to the podcast here   Imposter Syndrome – Roundtable With […]

E29 | BDE

PMH 29 | BDE

  Melissa and Siria discuss BDE, what it means, and how to channel it. They discuss how BDE relates to self-worth, how to build confidence, and techniques they’ve used along the way on their own self-confidence journeys. — Listen to the podcast here   BDE On this episode of BDE, what it means, and to channel it. — BDE, what is that? You know what BDE is. I know what BDE is, but do our […]