E85 | What Reframing Can Teach Us About Boundary Work

PMH 85 | Boundary Work

  Healthy boundaries promote well-being and provide the framework for a deeper connection to others; however, many of the boundaries we create are from the wrong frame of mind. In this episode, introduce a reframe that will shift how you view boundary work.     — Listen to the podcast here   What Reframing Can Teach Us About Boundary Work We are now in springtime 2022, almost officially. You can’t tell in Vegas. That’s true. […]

E84 | Why Chasing Happiness Doesn’t Work

PMH 84 | Chasing Happiness

  The problem with chasing happiness is… it doesn’t work. In fact, the formula many of us have for happiness is backwards! In this episode, Melissa and Siria provide tips on how you can change your formula for happiness, stay in the moment to experience the now, and share how happiness impacts your brain. This is the last week to send us love letters for Podcash! Submit your letter between now and March 4 here. […]

E79 | Four Tips You Need To Be More Comfortable In Your Own Skin Now

PMH 79 | Be More Comfortable

  Do you like who you see when you look in the mirror or step on the scale? Many of us tend to fixate on our shortcomings rather than celebrate what makes us unique. On this episode, you will learn how self-acceptance is formed, the importance of being comfortable in your own skin, and get four tips to help you increase your self-acceptance. —   Listen to the podcast here   Four Tips You Need […]

E78 | How Being Aware Of Your Saboteurs Can Help You Live An Empowered Life

PMH 78 | Saboteurs

  Is your saboteur ruining your life? Does your people pleaser come out and make you over commit? Or perhaps your perfectionism makes it impossible to make a decision for fear it’s the wrong one? On this episode, you will learn about Positive Intelligence, the saboteur quiz, and how to identify your saboteurs so you can gain a better understanding about yourself and live an empowered life. You can even take the test here to […]

E77 | The Secret To Creating And Breaking Habits

PMH 77 | Breaking Habits

  Why is it so hard to create or break habits? In this episode, we introduce the “Habit Loop”- the psychological pattern we engage in during habit creation. We discuss how you can use neuroplasticity to help rewire your brain to move in the direction you want and share helpful strategies to increase your chances of making desired habits stick! — Listen to the podcast here   The Secret To Creating And Breaking Habits We’re […]