E89 | What A Healthy Support System Looks Like And How To Build One For Yourself

PMH 89 | Healthy Support System

  What are social support systems? In this episode, Melissa and Siria discuss why social support systems are important for your wellbeing, and how to assess your current support systems. Get your notebooks out, there are LOTS of powerful questions to help guide you and to make sure you have a healthy support network for when you need it. — Listen to the podcast here   What A Healthy Support System Looks Like And How […]

E78 | How Being Aware Of Your Saboteurs Can Help You Live An Empowered Life

PMH 78 | Saboteurs

  Is your saboteur ruining your life? Does your people pleaser come out and make you over commit? Or perhaps your perfectionism makes it impossible to make a decision for fear it’s the wrong one? On this episode, you will learn about Positive Intelligence, the saboteur quiz, and how to identify your saboteurs so you can gain a better understanding about yourself and live an empowered life. You can even take the test here to […]